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It had been all uphill for JB HiFi when it began its operations in 1975. JB Hi-Fi is one of the biggest online retail stores in Australia today and even in New Zealand. Additionally, due to the popularity of internet, JB Hi-Fi is also very popular across the seas in various nations from the United States and even in countries in Europe and Asia.

JB HiFi, for a couple of years already, is selling online different consumer ranging from TV to radio, from DVD players to audio equipment including car stereo products. JB is also into selling appliances like refrigerators, freezers, computer/video games, gaming consoles and accessories. Actually the humble beginnings of JBHi-Fi in 1975 involved selling vinyl records and Hi-Fi equipment. But as the decline of sales of vinyl records began to rise above the horizon and CDs took over, JB never bothered to surrender. The owner, John Barbuto, did is to sell JB to Richard Bouris and David Rodd who expanded JB Hi-Fi into a chain of ten stores in Melbourne and Sydney in 1983. During that time, JB was into selling CDs exclusively and became one of the first Australian music retailers to do so. As the demand of CDs expanded and increased, they decided to open up branches in Melbourne and later on, established other JB stores all around Australia and quickly crawled up into New Zealand’s key cities.

As well as did they try to sell consumer electronics products and music products, they also tried their hand in selling computers and even became the number one retailer of Apple Computer hardware in Australia and even overtaken the sales of Apple retailer stores. They also are selling Dell computer hardwares. When the advent of internet came into view, they decided to offer online music streaming service and they did it.

The year was 2011 when JB HiFi did that and they were very successful. They over unlimited music streaming for just A$99 per year. On December of the same year, the service was announced to the public by offering a free one-month trial. According to the people at JB, they already provide more than seven million tracks on their virtual shelves. By the year after that, they have plans of expanding their music library to around 15 million tracks. The name of that music streaming service is JB Hi-Fi NOW and in April of 2012, JB Hi-Fi NOW is available at iPhone and Android smartphones via their JB Hi-Fi NOW app. As of 2012, the app is available for download on Windows Phone 7.